HBK Halloween Concert with Kehlani

Last Friday I was absolutely ecstatic to go to the HBK Halloween concert at the Warfield Theatre in the city. The HBK Gang is a collective group of rappers from the Bay Area that support each other and rep all things from the Bay Area. Ever year on Halloween they put on a concert with the entire gang and I was fortunate enough this year to get tickets! It was so much fun to see Skipper, Sage the Gemini, Jay Ant, Kool John, and P-Lo onstage since their music is so party centric.

The highlight of the night, however, had to be Kehlani who blew me away with her incredible vocal ability, stage presence, and strength. I think Kehlani honestly sounded better live than on her records as she was able to freely sing runs and do whatever she wanted vocally on stage. She was such a force with her strong, empowering lyrics. The many tattoos covering her body cause her to appear tough even though she has one of the softest, silkiest voices I’ve ever heard. Because Kehlani is from the Bay and therefore has a massive following in this area, most everyone in the crowd knew every lyric from her songs. There is something electric and so special about going to a show with an audience that has nothing but love for an artist and when Kehlani went on stage there was nothing but good vibes. Overall, the night was such an incredible experience and I felt very lucky to be from an area that fosters the level of creativity that I saw at the show.